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All work that supports the WGG Right to Recycle initiative has the right to carry this logo.

To read the Right to Recycle License click here

Let's use collective wisdom to fight the planet's biggest problems

Welcome to the idea marketplace where no money changes hands; only world-changing ideas. Built upon our profound belief that communication really can change the world, we encourage open sharing of concepts and ideas to be reused and reimagined across the world through our Right To Recycle License.

If a campaign in India can lower HIV infection rates, for example, why shouldn't that same thinking be applied in South Africa? Or Malaysia? Or Botswana? Or the rest of the world? It’s quite simple. If we all work together and share our solutions for good: we can do greater good.


    It's really easy. When you submit your work you can choose to share it with the Right To Recycle License and you'll be guided through the simple process. When uploaded and approved you can track in real-time who wants to reuse your idea. Let's hope your idea makes a global impact!



    You have to make sure you are the only copyright holder to the work or other copyright holders agree with you to share the idea or concept. Please remember that you're not giving away the actual uploaded picture, commercial or other artwork – only the idea or concept. Next to your uploaded work you can see who has indicated they want to reuse your idea, but it is impossible for us to keep track of whether they do so or not.


    It's possible to limit with who you want to share your work. You can choose to share it with all, some or any one of these 4 sectors:

    • Non-profit, foundation or charity
    • Educational institution
    • Governmental agency or local authority
    • Company
    If you're a communications or advertising agency the sector the work falls under applies to the organization or company you’re working for.


    If, for some reason or another, you are unwilling to let others recreate your work in certain countries, you can limit them from doing so when uploading your work.


How do I credit work from Right to Recycle?

We believe it's important that the company/organization that originally did the work gets a thank you, a heads up or in other words: credit. Before you accept the terms and conditions you will be shown what specific credits you should include together with the Right To Recycle Logo. After you accept the terms and conditions you'll also receive an e-mail repeating this information. As there are so many different media options there are no specific rules for how you should credit the work, but as a guide: Think about how you would like to be credited? To help you, we have put together a PDF with credit guidelines as well as a collection of Right To Recycle logos to be used. You can download the logos and guidelines

What's the difference between recreating work and using work?

To make it simple for more people, businesses and organizations to share their work for good, we have decided not to share the full copyrights of the work, but instead allow the WGG Community to recreate the work. This means if you find a campaign on WGG that you think will solve your needs you can download the campaign and recycle the idea, improve on it as you see fit or alter it to suit your target audience. While you aren’t allowed to use the exact artwork, you’re allowed to recreate the work with your own photographers, art department and your own team. This means that you as a copyright owner should have fewer rights to clear with photographers, models and actors, for example.

How can I see who’s using my work together with Right to Recycle?

You can always check in real-time how many members from the WGG Community want to recreate your work. This is shown next to your work, so everyone can see it. Although someone from the WGG Community will indicate that they want to recreate your work, it is impossible for us at WGG to keep track of whether they do so or not.

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Crowdsourced help for the blind
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