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Fairphone’s mission is to develop a seriously cool smartphone that is designed and produced with minimal harm to people and planet. Its vision is to deliver technology that really matters. Taking a step-by-step approach, Fairphone aims to make the story behind the production of electronics more transparent, making ethical interventions where possible and giving consumers a choice for fairer electronics.

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Fairphone started in 2010 as an awareness project about conflict minerals in electronics and the wars that the sourcing of these minerals is fuelling in the DR Congo. Fairphone is an intiative by Bas van Abel (then Creative Director at Waag society – an institute that develops creative technology for social innovation) and Peter van der Mark, founder of Schrijf-Schrijf. The campaign ran for 3 years before Fairphone realized that to uncover the story behind the sourcing, production, distribution and recycling, we needed to make the phone.


Fairphone is a phone made from: 1. Fair and conflict-free ressources: We want our smartphone to be made only from good stuff. That means sourcing raw materials that don’t fund armed forces or violent conflicts, from mines that treat people like the human beings they are. 2. Fair wages: From the mines to the factories, we want every worker involved in creating this smartphone to earn a fair wage. Beyond monetary benefits, our ultimate goal is to ensure that employees work in safe conditions that comply with environmental regulations. 3. E-waste programs: Part of improving the electronics supply chain is considering the full lifecycle. For us, it’s not only about responsibly producing new phones; it’s also about finding better ways to deal with electronics that have reached the end of their lifespan.





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