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Create a video to help increase awareness amongst general consumers to change the Redskins team name - due to it's offensive nature to all Native Americans.

Target Group:

North Americans, particularly sports fans.


There are many sports teams who use Native American as their mascots. Slowly over the past few years, several colleges have started to recognize that mascots named after an ethnic group can be extremely disrespectful. Therefore, several have begun changing their names to something more appropriate. However, in professional sports, they are not willing to change their name - whether it be because they don't feel it is disrespectful, they do not want to change their history, or because of the high cost to change to a new name. They do not feel that offending millions of people from the Native American heritage is a valuable reason to change the name. The best way to prove to the team owners that they are using a derogatory term is to first generate mass awareness about the situation.


Through the video, we are urging consumers to visit www.changethemascot.org, where they can learn more about how the "R" word is actually a racial slur, and then take action to help our cause.


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Film & Photography Donated by: 70 Degrees West, Aaron Servetzky, Adam Brownfield at Canadian Tourism, Benjamin Drummond / Sara Joy Steele, Eric Becker, Aaron Huey, Greg Kullberg, Roj Rodriguez (Represented by Pix Management), Kassidy Brown, Kathleen Baca, National Congress of American Indians

Goodness mfg - Bob Cianfrone - Executive Creative Director
Goodness mfg - Eric Manchester - ACD
Goodness mfg - Rob Bajohr - ACD
Goodness mfg - Rupert Samuel - Executive Producer
Goodness mfg - Cristiana Ladki - Producer
Goodness mfg - Taly Oehler - Producer
Goodness mfg - Rick Eiserman - President
Goodness mfg - Rob Rolfe - Account Director
Goodness mfg - Lisa Leal - Account Executive
Goodness mfg - Robert Andrade - Sr. Social Media Strategist
Goodness mfg - Johnny O'Neil - Editor
Goodness mfg - Mike Rodriguez - Mix


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