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It’s challenging to be blind as most of our daily chores are dependent on our vision to make the right judgment: Is this a bottle of milk or caustic soda? Hans Jørgen Wiberg, being visually impaired himself, wanted to make people with sight help those without through video technology in phones.

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Everybody with good eyes and a good heart that got a minute to spare. Be My Eyes are looking for volunteers, so do get in contact if you want to make a differenece.


For most people volunteering is too time-consuming, but everybody got time to be a blind person’s eyes for a minute hence micro-volunteering is an important cornerstone in the concept.


Hans Jørgen Wiberg, being visually impaired himself, got the idea about a video service for the blind utilizing the great cameras in modern smartphones and took it to StartUp Weekend in Aarhus and where a team of tech enthusiasts quickly formed and won the prize as the most innovative idea. Since the volunteer team has expanded and have raised funds from 'Velux Fonden' in July 2013 enabling a small team to put all of their time into Be My Eyes. We hope to launch late 2013 or early 2014. At present we rely solely on voluntary efforts and we now have a diverse passionate team consisting of both developers, a graphic designer and non-technical/business people. Everyone is contributing to the project on a voluntary basis – from both Denmark, Germany & Sweden. See more here: http://www.bemyeyes.org


Since its inception in early 2014 more than 200 people has signed up. You can make that number much higher by volunteering yourself - or bringing this concept to your country. Do get in contact with us @WhereGoodGrows to learn more about the possibilities.



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