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Check-in for the Homeless For Urban Ministries of Durham

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Issue | Encouraging solidarity & social behavior

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The Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD), a non-profit organization in North Carolina, wanted to raise awareness of homelessness. McKinney, the agency, launched a Foursquare initiative adding places where homeless people would check-in.

Target Group:

Early-adopters in the tech field with a conscience.


This insightful approach was based on an understanding of how people use their mobile devices and how to incorporate that in a new, unexpected way.


By adding places where homeless people would check-in (such as abandoned warehouses, dumpsters, vacant construction sites, tents etc.) it was felt people would become more aware of the choices homeless people have to make. If people checked in to these places then this would raise awareness among their social group and draw attention to the plight of homelessness.


The unexpected nature of the check-in points created a powerful message that could lead to positive behavioural changes and raise awareness among the target audience.


McKinney, North Carolina - Janet Northern - Partner


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