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2 million
consumers took the survey within first 2 months

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Call + Response is an organization that aims to educate people about economic slavery and the shocking conditions under which some products are manufactured.

Target Group:

The target group were consumers in general that needed to know more about the origins and manufacture of the products they purchase.


In order to show the consumer who's behind the production of their goods, Call + Response and the agency Muhtayzik Hoffer wanted to raise awareness and educate people about how many economic slaves work for them.


On the Slavery Footprint website users can take a survey that estimates how many slaves they have ‘working for them’. As a user fills out the survey, they are provided with facts about economic slavery along the way. There is also a mobile app called ‘Made in a Free World’, that allows users to enter the name of a brand and look at how ethical, labour-wise, the brand’s supply chain is. It checks in on Facebook at two places at once – the store and the brand. These check-ins then appear on 1,000 Facebook pages that have been built to show the slavery impact of various brands. The app then lets users send a note directly to the brands saying, ‘I want to know about slavery in the supply chain’. This note is also posted to Twitter so brands will pick it up as they monitor social media. In addition, the campaign has partnered with MTV in the US to see which university can earn the most Free World Points, awarded for choosing more ethically sourced products.


In the first two months alone more than two million consumers took the survey.


Mtzhf - Katy Aquino - Project manager


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