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GE Healthcare wanted to suggest simple ways that users could improve their wellbeing.

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Almost everyone wants to make healthier choices, but they don’t always know how. Even when we do know how to improve our health, we often try to make sweeping changes or set goals that seem too daunting to reach.


As part of their Healthymagination marketing thrust General Electric created the ‘Morsel’ mobile app, which encourages users to do one small thing per day that will contribute to their health. It can be anything, from having a good stretch to drinking a soothing cup of chamomile tea or making a stir-fry with tofu as opposed to red meat. The idea is that by creating a collection of small things they can do, people using the app can live healthier, happier lives.


GE’s Morsel website shows that more than 40,000 “morsels” have been delivered to users since it launched. To date, the website claims that over 350,000 morsels have been completed by users of the app.


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